Latest Results

The Country Group Liverpool Masters Thailand Tour   17th November 2014
Liverpool 4-3 Thailand   Scorers: Berger (2), Fowler, McManaman
The Castlewood Group Liverpool Masters, Singapore Tour  15th November 2014
Liverpool 3-1 Singapore  Scorers: Heskey, og, Litmanen
The Emerald EPL Masters Tour, Phuket 10th August 2014
EPL Masters 3-4 Thailand Legends  Scorers: Fowler (p), Saha, Hendrie

Forthcoming Fixtures

EPL All Stars tour to China:
Foshan and Hong Kong
7-15 October 2015

Liverpool Masters v Man Utd Masters tour
to Singapore and Thailand

11-19 November 2015 (TBC)

MastersFootball™ is now where you’ll find the cream of Premiership and other top footballers wowing the fans,
demonstrating their passion for the beautiful game, and showing that these past masters still have the skills
and competitive spirit to ignite a stadium and create moments of real magic.

MastersFootball Asia (MFA) and Castlewood Group today announced the return of the Liverpool Masters
to Singapore as they take on their traditional rivals, the Manchester United Masters in
“The Castlewood
Group Battle of the Reds 2015”

To purchase tickets now, click here

The match, scheduled to take place on Saturday 14th November, will see the rivals battle it out at Singapore’s
National Stadium as it sets the stage for one of the most iconic English football rivalries in modern history.

The Castlewood Group Battle of the Reds 2015 will be an action-packed, 80-minute, 11-a-side full field match
played out with the National Stadium specially configured for this hotly anticipated pop-up derby.

Tickets start from $19, originally 11,000 tickets were released and over 80% were snapped up, organisers have
made another 7,000 tickets available for the much anticipated pop up derby.
Fans are advised to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Family packages (two adults, plus two children below the age of 12) are also available.

For further details, visit the Forthcoming Fixtures page


Masters Football Asia Singapore promo
EPL All Stars Masters Football Asia Phuket
Liverpool Masters v Singapore Masters 2014 Castlewood Group Tour

There’s still a great appetite for MastersFootball amongst fans of all ages. Even kids who never saw me play at the top level still stop me in the street and remind me of MastersFootball games, and ask when the next tournament will be.