MastersFootball™ UK – fast and furious

The UK MastersFootball™ tournaments are usually made up of 6-a-side matches, played on a custom-designed indoor pitch.

The playing surface is 60m long x 30m wide, and is a distinctive blue synthetic slip-resistant ‘carpet’ which gives a true and predictable bounce.

Players love the surface because it’s reliable and comfortable to play on, and doesn’t give players burns like the old astroturf or wooden board floors used to!

In most tournaments, the regional events are made up of four local teams which play each other once, with the top two teams contesting a play-off to decide which of them progresses to the national finals. When there are six local teams, there are two leagues of three, with the winners of each playing off.

Matches are 8 minutes each way, there’s no offside, and misbehaving players can be sent to a ‘sin bin’ for 2 minutes!

Other Formats

Although most of the UK tournaments are based on indoor 6-a-side games, we are infinitely flexible, so we can accommodate 5-a-side, 7-a-side, 8-a-side and 11-a-side matches, either indoor or outdoor.

So whether it’s a corporate or charity event, leave it to MastersFootball™ to bring it to life!