England Masters tour to Hong Kong 2016

Date: 15th November, 2016
Location: Hong Kong Football Club
Winners: England Masters

Battle Of Europe – Singapore 2016

Date: 12th November, 2016
Location: Singapore National Stadium
Winners: England Masters

McDonalds “Battle of the Reds” Tour – Bangkok 2015

Date: 18th November, 2015
Location: Suphachalasai National Stadium
Winners: Manchester United Masters

The Castlewood Group “Battle of the Reds” Tour – Singapore 2015

Date: 14th November, 2015
Location: Singapore National Stadium
Winners: Liverpool Masters

EPL All Star Masters Tour to China and Hong Kong 2015

Date: 9th October, 2015
Location: Siu Sai Wan Stadium
Winners: EPL Masters

The Castlewood Liverpool Masters Singapore Tour 2014

Date: 15th November, 2014
Location: Singapore