MastersFootball™ – where the legends come to life

MastersFootball™ takes the legends of the British game around the world.

Some of the greatest names in the Premiership have enthralled crowds in Dubai, India, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, and the demand for tours continues to grow.

Our global tours feature top players from Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Celtic and many other clubs, displaying their legendary skills in 11-a-side matches against each other, or against local club, national or representative teams.

Our matches usually take place in outdoor stadia in the cool of the evening, and are overseen by top match officials.

Our players love being in a warm, friendly environment where they can mingle with the crowd, sign autographs and have a chat with the fans. And away from the matches, they really enjoy the opportunity to soak up some of the local culture, enjoy the hospitality and go out into the community to visit schools, hospitals and sponsors, run coaching sessions and take part in promotional and PR activities.